Hello! So pleased you dropped by….

… and welcome to the Film Production SA website – a resource for Film, TV, Stills and content producers working throughout South Africa.

We do the background tasks that every successful film, TV, still or media production relies on to run smoothly.

That could be a building a budget, or running an online crew and cast timesheet, or breaking down a script in Movie magic … or a thousand other digital tasks.

We do these, so you can schmooze your clients, support your director, and bring in the bucks.

We’re specialists in Google forms and sheets, and MS Office. We’ll create your callsheets, recon your petty cash, distribute your production bible, run your PO systems, and turn on the kettle (OK, we won’t turn on the kettle.)

And if there’s a helpful tool, document, website, or news items you feel would be helpful to this community, we’ll curate those too.